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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  February 22, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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day since john boehner and the republicans took the house and 413 days since they've failed to pass a jobs bill of any kind. thank you for another day of this crap. i'm keith olbermann, good night and good luck. ♪ >> welcome to "the war room." i'm jennifer granholm. republicans fireworks in arizona. we'll take you there in a few minutes with former congressman turned radio talk show host, j.d. hayworth. and then the president is pushing for lower corporate taxes. we'll get a view from the white house, and everyone knows nancy pelosi, and tonight you'll meet her daughter kristine, and what she's up to. this is "the war room." come on inside.
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>> let's get right to it with our nightly tracker on the big board. presidential smiling for a reason because he's got good news today on both the economic and the political front. he rolled out his new corporate tax reduction plan restructuring plan. it would lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 28%. remove the loopholes, it's revenue neutral. the plan has very little chance of passing congress this year, but that's not the year. it's an election year, sort of subdues the republican rhetoric and shows that the president can reform corporate taxes. we'll have more on this story later from the white house. but by all measures it has been a good month for the president because as you can see it starts to pay dividends with voters. the new associated press poll has president obama getting 50% of the national vote against any republican candidate. this is really, really good news. over 50%. also trending up today though,
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smiling is mitt romney. he appears to have righted his ship in the up coming g.o.p. primaries. giving credence to the phrase that money can fix anything. he looks to be catching up to santorum in michigan and then take a look at this. new poll out of arizona. nbc news poll has got romney opening up a 16-point lead against santorum in arizona. recent polling suggesting that santorum was closing the gap but that may no longer be the case. still several days until the michigan primaries votes so that could change. you want to know the poll on conservatives in arizona let's head out to phoenix j.d. hayworth. i know you're a talk show host now, thank you for being here an inside "the war room." >> it's great to go here and thank you for the invitation. >> you bet, you bet. we've been showing the viewers
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the new poll showing romney shooting ahead. why is that happening right now in arizona? >> well, i think when you take a look at the arizona electorate i think it is less of a traditional conservative-moderate type of didivision within the republican electorate. a lot of people here walking mesa that i used to represent a heavy concentration of lds voters. >> that's latter day saints. >> and they're interested in mitt romney's candidacy. in fact, i recall when i was first running for congress i sad sat down with a group of well-to do lds family and the first question had to do with the lament of failure of george romney to move forward and the patriarch of the family said i don't know if anyone--if any of our faith will ever become
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president. obviously there is a lot of pride, identification, and that's just central to part of the momentum. the other thing is obviously the establishment, gentlemen, my irst while opponent john mccain getting behind romney early. you have the cultural foundation, and the establishment of arizona and those two things have helped mitt romney move out to a fairly comfortable lead. >> demographics and the mormon population, but don't you think as well that there is a significant boost that he has gotten from pure organization, boots on the ground. he has gotten a significant boost for example, from those who have already voted. maybe you can describe in arizona there is an opportunity for early voting, and anybody who has the organization in place to take advantage that have is going to have a leg up. >> absolutely. the case, jennifer, you have to bank those votes early. and to the extent that mitt romney has been able to run an
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outstanding organization to whether he kept it in place from 2008 or rebuilt it, it is a very effective organization, and here in arizona especially with the primary coming in as it does, a amidst spring training and a lot of folks coming in as winter visitors, a lot of people say i'll going to vote by mail. i'm going to take care of it early. and you better believe that team romney has reached out to those voters and has banked a lot of votes already. >> j.d. i'm curious about the cultural issues related to social issues, the santorum voters, could he still by enthusiasm, pull off a surprise in arizona. >> it will be very interesting jennifer, and we should note as you and i are getting together another debate is going on in another cable network. >> shh, shh. >> since before we got into politics--that's right. i wasn't support to remind them.
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but when have we heard the word volatile to describe a presidential campaign, but this year especially, and i got to tell you there are still a lot of moving pieces and a lot of things could change based on tonight's debate. i know that's what newt gringrich is hoping. i know to a certain degree that's what rick santorum is hoping for this evening. but the santorum voters, he has been able to reach out to a good church of socially conservative voters, tea party voters, but the momentum could change on tonight's debate. >> you have actually an association with both gingrich and ron paul. you came in with the gingrich revolution in congress, and you've been close to the tea party, and a lot of those ron paul voters hailed from that. what is your assessment so far of gingrich's organization on the ground in arizona and then ron pauls. >> for purposes of full disclosure jen i have endorsed knutnewt because i was there through
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all the accomplishments and some of the tough times when newt was speaker of the house. while we could all belly ache about some of the baggage, i think a lot of people look back and say, you know what, some things got done. that's worth noting. for ron paul i have to tell you the deep and passionate support of the libertien republicans is something to see nationwide. but we're one of the youngest of the 48 states there, is a sizable chunk of leave us alone constituency, and ron paul has resonance there and as we're seeing nationwide among college students and first-time voters, there is a fervor for wrong ron paul, but i don't think it will be enough for him. newt gringrich remains the wildcard in this entire race. >> there was a poll out today
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general election poll that showed the public policy poll that had obama in a statistical dead heat with santorum and romney in arizona. i know it's somewhat touch to know exactly what will happen in a general election, but i'm wondering if you think that that, you know, that arizona could be in play in a general election? i guess i can't ask you that because you have a partisan hat. >> we both do, that's okay. look, we'll sit down, and we'll go ahead and unpack this, and you can do it for the d's and i'll oh do it for the r's. >> okay. >> everything changes in politics. while it's fun to look at polls, they're simply snapshots. for example, you're talking about good news for president obama. you're absolutely right. my perspective is to take the historical view and identical time with jimmy carter in a 30- 30--point lead over ronald ronald
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reagan. that's why you have campaigns. the one democrat that broke through, i know because my name was on the ballot, too was in 1996er, bill clinton, and it was ironically because of the brains manship of newt gringrich to work out a deal for welfare reform that i was able to run 22 points ahead of bob dole, keep my seat in the congress, albeit by one-tenth of a percentage point, and see bill clinton become the first democrat since harry truman 1948 carry arizona. it was an interesting die die man mick. who knows. >> from a rational point of view, prediction for tuesday. who is going to win the primary.
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>> i would think that mitt romney will win the primary in arizona. >> he'll carry it all the way? >> no, i don't think he'll go all the way. i think--here's the challenge that team romney has. it is some how to motivate the conservative >> all right well, that was former arizona congressman j.d. hayworth. i really appreciate him coming on. coming up, it may be high noon in the high desert, but the g.o.p. primary is being waged on multiple fronts. we'll tell how led up the campaign trail and plus there are two nancy pelosis in political office, and that that has got to change. we'll talk about that with her daughter, activist kristine pelosi, and rick santorum's plans for the u.s. is ancient
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history. this is "the war room." we'll be right back. we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
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♪ >> now to the campaign front where the republican candidates are in arizona tonight. there "the war room" is thinking about michigan. the rick santorum supported red, white, blue super pac launched the ad blitz with this negative ad. take a listen. >> how can mitt romney beat barack obama when on the vital decisions they're not much different. like obama, romney increased spending, increased state taxes and fees, even worse romney care is the blueprint for obama care. >> but, while speaking at a christian high school in arizona today, romney tried to put the grand canyon when himself and the president. >> he's comfortable spending
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more than we take in about 1 trillion-dollar a year. four years in a row with deficits. if i'm president i'll cut spending, cap spending and finally get us a balanced budget. >> of course as we all know michigan and arizona voters will have the final say when they go to the polls on tuesday. joining me inside "the war room" for analysis of today's developments in the g.o.p. race is the former chairman of the california republican party, and also here former clinton's speech rider, syd espinoza. he's now working at microsoft in the heart of silicon valley. let me start off by showing you a couple of things on our big board that happened today. first of all, there were a couple of--there is a big poll out of michigan today. this poll is only a couple of hours old. it has santorum up 37% to romney's 34%. interestingly enough, there is a synthesis of before that poll
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all of the polls between romney--and i just pulled out romney and santorum because i think that's most interesting, you see this dramatic rise of santorum. this is just a few days ago. notice how much he has dipped, and this gap has narrowed. the question really is do you think romney has stopped the--has righted his ship, essentially n michigan? >> not yet. i think what you're seeing is momentum in general in the santorum campaign. romney has an organization. a national organization, state after state delivering. delivering. you see with santorum a pull finally for excitement in the g.o.p. base that is conservative, that's focused on conservative values, that's focusing on social issues. romney has been focusing on economy. santorum is focusing on social issues. >> what's really interesting is that santorum will tell you he's not focusing on social issues. i don't know how you can say
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that because everything that comes out of his mouth seems to be taking him back in that direction, but he'll tell you his advisers will say 95% of what he says is economics. it doesn't seem that. >> that's what the media is picking up on, and it does reinforce that in, that he's an one-song-- >> right, johnny one note. this gets to the point i think today, for example there was a bush-appointed judge who basically ruled that the defense of marriage act was un unconstitutional. this is all about making sure that marriage is between one man and one woman. it's a santorum tea party issue. will he bite? >> yes, i think he will. but as we mentioned before we went on air this is a bill signed by bill clinton in 1996. it accurately reflected where
6:18 pm
the country was then. but i think the country has moved. the people in this country want to talk about the economic issues. they don't want to talk about social issues. >> yes. this is what is driving me crazy. newt gringrich is out there talking about when he's president he's going to bring gas prices down to $2.50. come on. >> that's why you see newt gringrich in the poll as 7%. he's not getting a momentum. >> channeling gadhafi. >> well, that's a good clone. >> the bottom line here is you're seeing santorum surge because the g.o.p. base when talking tea party, when you're talking evangelicals, wanted someone who they could get excited about. they can't get excited about romney. it's just not happening. the problem is he doesn't have a national campaign to really run. when you get to independents and when you get to a national vote he's not going to be able to beat obama. >> he's not going to be to. >> he's in this-- >> what is interesting is what will happen in the general.
6:19 pm
with either one, obama is over 50%, granted, a long way up. the obama support the pac that supports obama took out an ad in michigan. take a live listen to this. this is a preview of what it may sound like in the general. >> romney pocketed huge fees shortly before companies collapsed. >> bankruptcy. >> even when businesses failed romney came out ahead. are those values that we want in an american president? >> so basically saying romney pocketed huge fees shortly before bank companies went into bankruptcy. don't you think justice is what you're going to hear. >> it's interesting, they feel the need to be jumping into republican primaries in february and that shows they are concerned about romney. >> one last thing that i want to show you. so people were asked if there is brokered convention, who is your top choice?
6:20 pm
so chris christie gets 32%. palin and bush are tied at 20%. do we see the makings of a christie-palin ticket? >> no, but i think christie--there is a lot of excitement for christie out there. but i think in the end it will be the four people out there right now. >> i think it probably well, but it's very excite to go talk about. thank you for joining us, gentlemen. up next, the president rolled out his new corporate tax plan today. but is the end game to get republicans passed it or lined up against it. and swamping the political landscape with rhetoric, we'll let the facts do some talking. that story is next here in "the war room."
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only one who thinks an amendment to the constitution may be in
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order. that's next on "the war room." ♪ >> the obama administration rolled out a new plan today to overall the corporate taxes by getting rid of dozens of loopholes and reducing the top rate. the president has been calling for a plan like this for months, and this announcement comes just as his re-election campaign is heating up. this is the proposal that would lower the corporate income tax rate from 35%. it would take it down to 28%.
6:24 pm
it would make the top tax rate for manufacturers 25%. so a little bit less, and then implement a minimum tax on overseas profits which would make it harder for companies to use overseas tax havens. it would pay for all this by eliminating credits, loopholes deductions, including a whole include of oil and gas tax breaks. it would extend a tax credit for renewable. his critics were quick to jump on the plan and here is mitt romney. >> he's proposing today a corporate tax plan which understand sounds like he's lowering taxes but he's raising taxes. raising taxes on businesses by hundreds of billions of dollars. >> romney loss has introduced a man that would lower the tax rate from 35% to 28% and he promised individuals tax cuts
6:25 pm
including tax cuts for the wealthy, and he would pay for it not through eliminateing loopholes that were put in the tax code by very well-heeled lobbyists. he would pay for it through cuts of social security, medicare and medicaid. neither plan would go into effect any time soon. a major overhaul to the tax code is very, very unlikely to pass congress in an election year. earlier today i spoke with the principle deputy director jason furman, and i asked him about his hopes for the plan's passage. >> well, it's been 25 years since we've overhauled the tax code. in that time it's gotten more and more complicated aided more loopholes, how complexities. that's not what is good for business. a lot of what the president wants to do is sweep away everything that isn't helping our economy, cut the rate. that's what we need to do for the american economy, and he doesn't want to wait. he wants to start that
6:26 pm
conversation right away. secretary geithner is going to have the leaders of the congressional tax writer committees the democrats and the republicans, hopefully meeting him next week wondering how to drive this forward. we know this is a long, complicated discussion. it's a very involved problems, that's why we want to make sure that we continue to drive that process forward. >> you sound very realistic. one of the reasons why, of course, there will be a human cry, mitt romney said as much in his conversation this morning is that you'll be closing some loopholes. can you give people an example of a couple of the loopholes that you will close in order to pay for the lowering of the rate overall? >> sure. take for example a manufacturing company. and they build a structure that they're going to use for manufacturing. they're going to pay a tax rate that is nearly three times as high as if an oil and gas company builds that exact same structure. it's picking winners and losers
6:27 pm
in our tax code right now that forces the rates to be higher on everyone, and it's bad for american businesses and bad for american jobs. you see that in a lot of areas. you see that in special tax breaks for the sean exact same exact airplanes. corporations buy it and when a customer buys it for their use. you see it in all sorts of ways in the economy. the president said if that break benefits more than one company. >> let's see if a loophole is having the intended effect of creating jobs in america. >> that's exactly right. there are a few examples of where there are tax benefits that do have broader economy-wide benefits. manufacturing gets a tax benefit right now. manufacturing plays a
6:28 pm
disproportionate role in research and development, in employment, in wages, and has huge benefits for the service sector as well. that's a tax break we would keep. we want to narrow it and focus more on manufacturing, and make it more generous in investment. >> one of the tax breaks you wanted to keep was the production for renewable energy at the same time as you might be taking it away from the oil and gas companies. >> right, exactly. two other examples the president has, research and development, and renewable energy. and renewable energy is a case where that tax break doesn't just benefit those businesses in that sector of the economy, it benefits our entire economy. it benefits the manufacturing sector, it benefits our environment, and even our national security. so that's a tax benefit we would keep. research we would keep. everything else you would have to prove that you're benefiting the economy.
6:29 pm
otherwise we would rather have a lower rate. >> so some have said--have likened the proposal to put this out right now as taking away the football from the republicans who want to kick it. in fact, is there a strategy about releasing this on the same day as mitt romney's releasing his tax plan? >> today's release was planned weeks ago. we told team several weeks ago right after the budget weld be doing it. we didn't know that he would be coming out with it. look, maybe an election year but it doesn't mean that we can't make progress on the most important issues facing our economy. the number one issue is job creation. the number one way to have more jobs is more investment in america. and we're trying to use this year to keep driving that debate in conversation forward. >> jason, a lot of people have said about the corporate tax code in the united states that there is a huge difference between the statutory tax rate what is on the books, and what companies actually pay. i think people would be
6:30 pm
surprised to know that, for example, the corporate tax revenue that you take in is the lowest it's been in 40 years that the united states corporations pay almost half of what other advanced countries pay. that kind of information is often lost in a political year. when the republicans are talking about us having the highest tax rate in the world, i'm wondering if there is a strategy that the administration has to put out regarding the effective--the real tax amount that corporations are paying, and why this is so important. >> yes, one of the things that the report--that the white house and the treasury report put out today tries to do is to layout the rationale why the president is coming at this issue the way easy. it's filled with tables and charts and some of them show exactly what you just said. the united states may have the second highest statutory rate of any country, but we're at or to some degree blow average to our major competitors. when it comes to effective tax
6:31 pm
rate. that is not an excuse to do nothing. that is an opportunity to do something, and it can really get our rate down without costing ourselves a lot of extra revenue, without adding to the deficit. >> two other quick questions jason. some of the critics have posted today why not raise some revenue as opposed to just having it be revenue-neutral. that's number one. and i know head of jen electric is head of president's economic advisers external panel. i'm wondering how he feels about that. i can answer your first question.: one of the things we've done in washington for decades now is every year we pass tax breaks for businesses and we don't pay for them. this plan would say let's either make this permanent and pay for them. research clean energy.
6:32 pm
if they're not necessary to the broader economic let's go ahead rid of them. by doing that that will help $250 billion over the next decade prevent from being added to our deficit. this corporate plan is part of an overall fiscally responsible approach. the number one motivation of it, though, is really jobs in america, investment in america and strengthening of economy. >> thank you so much for joining us, coming on to explain it. >> thanks for having me. >> up next, nancy pelosi's daughter, kristine s up to something. she's rabble rousing, and she'll join me next. later brett ehrlich takes on rick santorum's relationships this time. >> coming up, satan is out to get you, but you probably already knew that. that and more on "the war room."
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♪ >> news out of virginia as governor bob mcdonald reversed his stance on a controversial bill that would have required women to get an ultrasound of transvaginal ultrasound before receiving an abortion. the bill through national outcry and mcdonald who vowed to sign it today changed his stance saying mandaten an invasive procedure is not a proper role for the state. interesting, the vrabel is just one battle in a larger war against women's health. it comes at a time when a number of women serving government is going down. the 2010 election saw the fewest number of women elected to congress in 30 years. kristine pelosi is the chair of the california democrat party women's caucus and author of
6:37 pm
campaign butte boot camp 2.0. she's the daughter of nancy pelosi, the highest ranking woman in congressional history. so glad to be able to welcome you to the show, kristine. thanks very much. you've written the book, and the reason is because what you're seeing right now going on in you know, the across the country s this war on women, and it's important to have women in office. >> it absolutely is. the republicans said a year ago that they weren't going to have a war with respect to planned parenthood. they declared war and used the term and we took them seriously. starting last year when planned parenthood won the funding fight, that laid the groundwork when other decisions would come, the koman decision and won it goes to show when women vote
6:38 pm
progressives can win. and when women organize and bring common sense to the conversation it becomes more authentic. >> last night i put out a call for women to run and serve their country, that we have a duty to serve. some of the feedback that i got on the website was how do i raise money? i'd love to do it, but how is the how-to, but this is a good how-to right here. but tell women, how can they do it when they're facing a male opponent who often has deeper pockets, a lot of times men outraise women. how do you address women. >> you need to have message, management, money, and mobilization. you need to have a message that will resonate with people. you have to have a good management team and be close to the community, have strong ties and networks in the community. that in turn will help you raise money. and finally you need boots on the ground. you need a thousand volunteers for campaign for office to get you, to get your message door to
6:39 pm
door. with women in particular you have to start with a social network. i'm a mother with a young child. i have to use the barter system. child care will be first on the list. if you can't give me money, give me child care. that allows me to have a meeting. if you don't have money, you may have a small business or house that we can use, or food we can eat, something, anything, just about anything other than ads, and fees and salaries can be bartered, and women are exceptionally good at that. we have to do that for our kids all the time. so this is what we do. you're a mom you're an organizer. women need to use the networks we already have, and call up other women professionals to see women help other women. women who have made it. every woman climbs that double stair going up to the echelon. >> women involved at the local level is a good step to the next level. it happens all the way across. certainly as attorney general i
6:40 pm
wouldn't have been governor if i hadn't had that first step even though many people can't run statewide first thing, but school board, city council, you name it, getting started getting involved is the key aspect. >> that's why i went to law school. women knew at times other than the court reporter i would be the only woman of authority in the courtroom. i took that very seriously. doubly true with women of color. women doctors, women lawyers professional women know what it's like to be at the table. they know that conversation is not authentic unless there are other women at the table. >> how about you. >> i'm chasing my two-year-old isabella. >> are you going to run sometime, answer the call sometime. >> that is my call right now. when we ran, we were women organized, mentoring electing and networking women slate to lead the democrat party. that's what we do, and it's very important.
6:41 pm
>> it is important but we're keeping our eye on you. thank you so much for joining us here inside "the war room"." that's kristine pelosi and author of campaign boot camp. more overwhelming evidence of climate changes come with a wrinkle attached. we'll get into that right after the break. right here on "the war room." stay with us. in a delicious 5-calorie stick of gum. ♪ ♪ polar ice. from extra.
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>> sometimes a good scandal can get in the way of a legitimate news story that may lie underneath. that's what been happening in the story about the conservative think tank called the heartland
6:45 pm
institute and it's earths to cast doubt on the science of climate change. last week an requiremental think tank published a series of blogged about confidential internal documents from the heart institute. they obtained those documents from an anonymous source there was a public plan to start a curriculum that would portray the human impact on climate change as a major scientific controversy. while they did not deny the plans, they claimed that the documents were stolen and one was a fake. the documents were obtained by peter glick and he admitted that he lied about his identity to get the documents in the first place. he said, quote my justice was blinded by might frustration with the ongoing efforts often
6:46 pm
anonymous and well-funded and courted to attack climate science. but the documentation in many of the documents than been confirm confirmed. joe bast, the president of the heartland institute, he talked about how his organization wanted to change the way climate change is taught in this videotaped interview with the wall street journal. listen to this. >> right now in k to 12 schools climate change or global warm something being taught in many grade levels and it's very politicized. what we want to do is bring real research and real science into the classroom. teach kids about critical thinking and let them understand that to try to find the human finger on climate is a big challenge. >> well, maybe it's a big challenge for joe bast, it certainly is not for the majority of scientists. 97% of them say that climate change is real and manmade
6:47 pm
occurring to this 2010 survey published by the national academy of sciences. for more on this heartland story i'm joined by think progress editor chief he joins us from washington, d.c. welcome to "the war room"." >> thanks for having me. >> how big is the heartland institute in the world of groups trying to disprove climate change? >> it's one of the players that is involved in this effort to deny global warming to cast doubt on the science behind climate change, and it's been at this game for a while. glenn beck used to attend one of his major conferences casting doubt on climate change. it's a big player. it's funded by microsoft g.m. the koch brothers, some major players. the person who engaged in this curriculum to engender climate
6:48 pm
skepticism and sell it and market it to kids is somebody who is a coal industry lobbyist, and now is being paid by the department of energy as a consultant, and he's using that reputation to get the authority and the credibility in an effort--basically prop propagandize to kids. >> why would the department of energy hire this guy? >> i think that's a great question. i think that this new revelation will cause the department of energy to reevaluate that relationship. i mean, he was getting paid $100,000 to put together a curriculum to sell to kids. it shows the incentive. if you're getting paid $100,000 by big energy polluters there is going to be a doubt on climate change. that's what we have to fight. >> in addition--so these
6:49 pm
documents that you guys got shows that they were going to develop a curriculum for kids. what were the other surprising facts revealed in these confidential internal documents? >> one of the things that the heartland has always been known for is that it is always casting doubt on the effect of secondhand smoke, and the public health risks that it poses. and in this document as in many others they work with philip morris and they try to argue there is no problem with secondhand smoke, and they work with tobacco companies to market this. heartland, to understand this relationship, heartland is just a front group for big well- well-heeled corporate donors who give them the money to do the dirty work because the corporations don't want to go out and do this astro turfing and propagandizing themselves. they use heartland to do it. they're talking to kids. that's sacrosanct place. we need to be concerned that not
6:50 pm
only that climate change is killing the universe, but kids are taught the wrong lessons at a young age if heartland has its way. >> peter glick is coming under attack by the way he obtained these documents by posing under a different name. but really if this attack on climate science is happening with a lot of well-funded players, and the response has been a little bit--it has been less--the science--the scientists have not stepped up in a way that represents that 97%, what does it say about the ability of climate scientists to wage this defense on their own? >> well, there were a few climate scientist who is did come out and say--asked heartland to take a position and to deny this kind of activity, to step away from these kind of activities. but the real pressure for progressive activists to do
6:51 pm
something is i think that g.m. microsoft, they need to hear from you and they need to be told that these organizations, these are companies that do a lot of wonderful work in trying to address the new climate reality. g.m. produces cars that-- >> g.m. should not be funding this. this should not be funded by--this is the place that does the volt. >> microsoft has the reputation of being a leader in this area. they need to hear from us. if you dry up the money behind this, then of course they can't continue this terrible activity. >> faiz, thank you so much for joining us and bringing this to light. the editor of think progress. up next, taking rick santorum to task, among other things, being rick santorum. you doesn't grade on a curve. you're watching "the war room" on current tv. >>the rest of the media seems
6:52 pm
like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real. used to be we socked money away and expected it to grow. then the world changed... and the common sense of retirement planning became anything but common. fortunately, td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. take control by opening a new account or rolling over an old 401(k) today, and we'll throw in up to $600.
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